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Friday, November 8, 2013
Great news! Firstly, as a follow up from my last postStrapya-World is currently celebrating a brand renewal event to the name- Hamee by having exciting sales from first of November to 7th of November. Now, the sale is extended till the 15th of November, which means the daily 80% sale, $5 and the $1 sale will continue! 

The second great new is that along with the sales, Hamee is also hosting a treasure hunt event! As described in the photos, the event will run from the 8th of November to the 22nd with 88 available coupons to give out, worth up to 100,000JPY! The treasure hunt event has 4 types of coupons,  please see the details below, and please follow the rules. The coupons are limited, therefore please use it as soon as possible at the check out, they are valid until the 24th of November. The 500JPY and 1,000JPY coupons work for orders over 2,000JPY, limited to one coupon per person and per order. 

You can find hints on the treasure hunt event page. For example, you can find the 500JPY coupon on their main Hamee Renewal Anniversary page, all you have to do is to scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the Hamee logo, and it will give you the coupon code which will look like this.This step is similar for the 1,000JPY and the 5,000JPY coupon. However, for the grand coupon, you will have to work harder XD! 

For the 10,000JPY coupon, you have to answer all 9 questions, by finding the products that suits the best answer. Within that particular product page (that you think you've found the right product to go with the answer), you will see the Hamee logo if got the correct answer. If not, keep on searching!  Gather all 9 of the alphabets and make a word, then, send an email and they will reply you with the coupon code.

Good Luck!

Happy treasure hunting!

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