How to carve an eraser stamp

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Monday, April 21, 2014
In the last month or so, I got addicted to carve eraser stamps. To my surprise, it is a very relaxing hobby, the feeling is very similar to needle felting.. you just want to carve more and more. I'm still a beginner myself, and here I've made a simple 'how-to' tutorial to show the main processes to share with you all. 

* Tools and Materials:

You can get most of these items in your local arts and crafts store. For the eraser, you could get them from Ebay or Etsy by searching the keywords "eraser carving blocks". Alternately, you could also use regular erasers to carve. I got mine from Daiso.

* Safety

Watch your fingers while carving, it's better to move/ rotate your eraser rather than turning your blade. Please pace yourself and carve slowly, the carving process in this video is twice the speed to shorten the length of the video. The template used in my video:

Below are some of my carved stamps:
Versafine produces extremely fine details to your stamps, love this ink! 
Pastel Houses on the right and Sailor Moon Moon Crisis Brooch on the left (it's my fav stamp so far, took me 2 hours to finish
Happy Easter! 
I chose VersaMagic because of it's 'chalk-like' matte finish, it gives a sketchy feel to my carved stamps. It also has a lot of pretty pastel colours which is a big bonus for me! 

Happy crafting!

Pastel Roses

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Saturday, February 1, 2014
Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts. I'm nearly done with my studying and will be back with more tutorials and craft projects! 

I just recently found some old photos of handmade roses that I've made in the beginning of  2013 (they look different from the ones I made now!) These roses were made from cold porcelain clay and sculpted on a toothpick. Have fun browsing! 

More cute crafts coming soon!