Pastel Roses

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Saturday, February 1, 2014
Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts. I'm nearly done with my studying and will be back with more tutorials and craft projects! 

I just recently found some old photos of handmade roses that I've made in the beginning of  2013 (they look different from the ones I made now!) These roses were made from cold porcelain clay and sculpted on a toothpick. Have fun browsing! 

More cute crafts coming soon!

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  1. Hello! I'm Debbie, from Auckland NZ too! :) I absolutely love cute crafts and pastels, so it looks like I've come to the right place. I've followed you through GFC.

    I blog about cute things too, over at Unicorn Charm. I'd love if you could take a look
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    Unicorn Charm, my blog

  2. Can you remove them from the sticks if you wanted to use the roses to add to deco den etc? :)