Pink Sweetheart Doll House [Part 2]

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Last post I introduced this doll house kit, so now let's get started! I had a thought about making the furniture first but then I think it' better to have the whole house up first and then make the furniture, that way I can easily place them on to the house without having them randomly sitting on my table waiting to be placed.  I will be making Bag A which includes the walls, roof and the exterior decoration.

 The walls are very simple, basically just cut both of the sides and glue them. 
 Glue stick does the best job because it is not sticky and watery like PVA and craft glue. It made the surface look very smooth. 
 Finished all the walls!
Pieces for the doors and, windows, and posts. 
 I love the little door hinges!
 Thought glueing them on first would help me screw the bolts later. 
 It actually worked!!! ^v^ The door can swing~
 Had a tough time with the windows, all the pieces look the same size, had to group them... aiii
 Took me so long to place them together. 
 Really happy with the results, and really impressed with the kit that only one was missing, I can easily make one with balsa wood. 
 They look pretty on the walls. 
 Assembled the ground floor. 
 Trailing out the second floor. 
Not glued yet, but this is an overall image of the house. Looks good!

I will go continue making the house now, hopefully I can finish the structure by today and make the furniture tomorrow!

Happy crafting,

5 comments on "Pink Sweetheart Doll House [Part 2]"
  1. Ahh I love this! Looks so adorable and detailed and so much fun :3 I want to make one now haha.
    I look forward to seeing your future posts on this~

    1. thank you so much!! I just posted a new update~ ^_^

    2. I just saw it ^^ Love the chair and couch! Good job o(ouo)b, hehe

    3. yay!! thank you for your support again hehe

    4. just bought this dollhouse ^.^ can't wait to make it