Pink Sweetheart Doll House [Part 1]

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Yay~ I am finally able to make the doll house kit I bought last Christmas, it has been sitting in my storage room for so long. It is a very big project, and I am very excited to make it! It even has a music box and lights ( I hope I will assemble it correctly >_<)!

 This is the box, out of all the doll house kits I chose this one, I just love the pink-ness of this design.
The box contains all these bags, each of the bags were labeled and well packaged. 
Let's open this one first! 
 Inside contained a large sheet containing all the parts and pieces, each of the pieces has a code and has its own dimension, scale and colour labeled. REALLY impressed!
 woala~ fancy sheets to cut!
 The booklet is very very detailed, 20 pages long... it's going to be a very long journey. 
So much stuff to make I don't know where to start =_=.. The bed looks really pretty!
 All the bags are labeled so you know where to find the pieces, and the instruction are followed by each bags. The song in the music box is the famous theme song from the movie Laputa : Castle in the Sky.
 I guess these are the decoration and furniture pieces. 
 Love these toilet thingys. The bubbles are so cute. 
 These are the basic structure for the house. The dark brown sheet is the base for the house, not very big in my opinion. 
The kit contains EVERYTHING! O_O Glue, sandpaper and the seller even gave me free tweezer and screwer!  
So this is everything, I am very excited about this and very very happy with my purchase. 

If you ever go to China, watch out for these amazing doll house kits! I got mine for 160 RMB which is around $30 NZ dollars or $27 US, it's very cheap and it's a very detailed doll house. I will post photos of my working process as I work through them.

Here is the link for Part 2.

Happy crafting,

3 comments on "Pink Sweetheart Doll House [Part 1]"
  1. Wow i am excited to make mines now!!! Sadly i spent $180 on mines. Originally it was $64 but shipping cost was a lot since i bought it overseas. >___< I can't believe they're actually that cheap there. D:
    From the looks of the whole kit it looks like a lot of time needs to be spent on it. I hope the whole winter break i can finish it. ^-^

    1. yay!! sounds like an exciting holiday project, i am having a break with this doll house right now, can't wait to see your version of this house!

  2. sadly I can't find one that's over the price of 180 ; u ;... very sad about this I love the challenge it would give me ; u ;..