Pink Sweetheart Doll House [Part 3]

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Friday, November 23, 2012
Finally finished the house! I love the windows and it's overhangs. 
Internal spaces, I dont like the wooden flooring right in front of the foor. 
Had fun making these, I feel like a gardener. ^_^
Exterior shot.
Very smart to use beads to make them look like fruit. 
So much effort to make these little cups!
These cups are very very small, it was difficult to glue the handle on. 
I really like the print, but making the chair and sofa was so time consuming and tiring. 
These are the parts for the chair.
I always wanted a white piano. 
The shelf is not finished, still a lot of decorations to make ( plates, cups and books)
Not a good flash shot, I love the sofa and the chair. It was really difficult to make these because you have to wrap it so tight and still allow the stuffing inside to puff up. 

More updates soon! Here are Part 1 and 2 is you have missed it.

Happy crafting,

2 comments on "Pink Sweetheart Doll House [Part 3]"
  1. sooo beautiful!!! I know as my youngest grows up, she will inspire to create such things, as I used to when I was a child as well ;D Thanks to you experienced creators who are sharing these tutorials as I had to go on sheer imagination and some trial & error! Excellent job!!!