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Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Finally I am free!! I handed in my last assignment in today, from now on I am now going to enjoy my Christmas holiday ^_^~ While I was procrastinating from my work I made these clay pieces, I think I am addicted to these pastel colours. Since Christmas is coming up, I want to create a candy theme collection. This was my first time trying the colour mint, I wasn't sure how to mix it at first because cold porcelain dries to a darker shade when cured. However I am pleased with the result, the colour looks very refreshing.

Not sure if I should introduce another colour to this pallet, yellow... blue? 
I made 20 of these little ribbons, so tired afterwards...
Pink and Purple sure goes very well together, I am very girly after all ^v^ hehehe~ 
 Such pretty clover! Next time 4 leaves!
 I am not sure which one looks better, the design on the right or left. Which one do you think looks good? 
So this is the overall shot, I will make more earrings using the stuff here. 

Happy Crafting~


5 comments on "New Pastels"
  1. Everything is so beautiful and cuute! Want it ^w^

    But Christmas holidays NOW?! >.<

    1. hehehehe, i am on the mood already! Shops are already selling Christmas stuff here~

  2. your blog is the most amazing thing ever! one of my favorites <3

  3. I like the design on the right best!! <3
    Also I am so thankful for your porcelain clay recipe! All your creations are simply GORGEOUS and I love the semi translucent, light and pastel look of your work! I am so excited to try making the porcelain clay for myself,because here in Tasmania, Australia we only have sculpey and fimo (which is really firm and I find it hard to work with!) and it's really expensive. Buying clay online is also costly so I'm really so happy I discovered you and your recipe!! ~ ~ <3

    1. Thank you!! I live in NZ, it's also very difficult to get clay for cheap. I'm glad you liked my works!!