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Monday, October 22, 2012
I was so excited to receive this, I bought these online from China and my mum took it back for me last week. I spent a lot of time going through the shop and picking out the stuff I need, I never knew it would be this much! I am just so greedy for things like these and they were very cheap too :D!! I got a lot of jewellery findings from gold to antique copper colour, cellphone straps, chains, toggles, loser claps, jump rings and ring bases.. and many many more.

oh they look so pretty~
Buying findings here in New Zealand is very very expensive, so I coudn't resist the cheap ones from China.  Got the full pack with all the colours. So excited to make stuff with these. 

Couldn't believe I bought so much! But they look very pretty like this,  it's like a piece of art!

I even got some needle felting stuff and my favourite needle felting artist Rio Fukuda's two books on needle felting sweets!! I have always wanted to make needle felted sweets, and these books are perfect because it has so many great creations inside and the step-by-step tutorials are very clear and useful. I would recommend her books if you are a super fan of fake sweets like me!! ^_^

The only two books that got translated to Chinese so I can read them, might have to buy the other ones in Japanese. 

Her creations are amazing! It also teaches you how to make it too!!

More photos of my newest supply collection!

Cute shiny pink ribbons~

I really want to try doming so I bought these plate. 

I got a lot of these antique copper stuff because they are very popular. 

Such a pretty ring base! Sadly I only got 4 of these.. should have bought more. 

Found these in a local store, had to buy it because it's pink!! hehe, they are very durable unlike the wooden ones.  I am going to do some sweets deco with these. 

Final picture, showing the needle felting stuff I got, that giant brush is really heavy. And I also got 50 pretty packaging bags for my shop!  

I didn't know why I also got these two bags of wool fibers, maybe I want to try the ones from China even though it all from NZ. However, I do find the ones I got from China are less 'wooly' than the ones I bought in NZ. The texture and the smell was different, the one I bought here has a really strong sheep smell. Hmmm.. no idea why, maybe i should make something out of it and see the result.

One more week and I will be free from uni! So all the things I have posted here together I nearly spent ¥600 RMB which is around $120 NZ dollars and $96 US dollars. Worth it? Hmm.. not sure yet :D!!

Happy crafting,

16 comments on "Massive Craft Haul"
  1. Oh, so much things! ^^ What is the online shop?

    1. hehe thanks! it's a Chinese online shop, tell me if you want to visit it~

    2. I would love to know which shop, I love the ring bases you got! <3

    3. This is the site: ^_^

  2. I love your blog!!
    You've found so many wonderful crafty supplies-WOW!!
    Vicky xx

    1. Hi Vicky, thank you so much!!
      And i love your blog also, I love all your wooden furniture, you have inspired me so much! Just looking through it makes me want to have it :D, I am wondering what type of wood did you use to make it, it must be hard to cut at such small scale.

  3. 我也是在掏宝上买crafting supplies Y(^_^)Y 觉的很不错。。。

  4. i love your blog sooo much!<3 >< what kind of camera do you use to record your videos and take pictures??:D

  5. 你好! 我没想到你也是华人! 很高兴认识你! ^_^

  6. Hey there, I was just wondering where you found your felt for your crafts in NZ? I live in Auckland too and I can't find it anywhere!
    Thanks (: ^-^

    1. Hi Iana, you can visit Spotlight, they have a wide range of colour felts, and also Daiso Japan on Queen St. :)