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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
I went to Daiso a few days ago and bought these cute moulds!! I missed the rabbit one before so this time I have to grab it! I wish the bear mould is back in stock as well. 

I saw this really really cute fabric at a hobby store, it was very expensive but I cannot resist cute stuff >_<, especially when they have these cute desserts print on them. It was $15 NZ per meter, but I had to buy it! 

These are the original packaging, it is packed very well and the moulds stayed in shape. Every time I go to Daiso I would rush to the cooking/ baking section to check out if they have any new stocks~ They are very useful and a big part of my craft making. 

I am going to use them as resin moulds on the hearts, too bad they are not for chocolate :D. All my moulds are use for crafts even though I really want to make cute food with them as well.

These rabbits are a bit big for sweets deco in my opinion, I really want to try soap making and use these as moulds. I have watched tutorials, the processes are simple and really straight forward but I am just curious about the chemical- Lye that is used to make them. Hopefully one day I would have a chance to   get it and make some soaps and cute crafts!

Happy Crafting!

3 comments on "Cute Moulds "
  1. But on the package they look like chocolate mold D:

    1. yes they are for chocolate, i am just using it for my craft :D

  2. Very cute~ Can't wait to see what you make with them! :3