Heart Dango Tutorial

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
I fell in love with Japanese dango when I had it for the first time. It's basically some sticky rice ball mochi thing, but it was so soft and sweet. I wanted to use the colours I dyed last time, so I chose to make Hanami dango which has 3 lovely pastel colours. Instead of round shapes, I made it into cute hearts. 

It is very easy to make, it involves basic needle felting tools and a heart cookie cutter. The photos below will demonstrate the processes.

So here are the materials and a heart shape cookie cutter. 
Separate the fibers and fill in the cookie cutter to the top. 
Stab the wool until it gives a surface, and then flip to the back and do the same thing. 
Take the heart out.
This time stab around the edges to give it a curve surface. 
And here are the 3 finished hearts. 
After all this you can use a skewer and poke through the hearts. And now it's done!

Have fun crafting!

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