Pink Heart Fruit Cake Tutorial

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Sunday, September 23, 2012
I made this cake February this year- the Valentine's season. I wanted to make something really girly and sweet. I took some photos of the work process but never got to post it. This is not a tutorial because I forgot to take photos started from the begining, so this is the process when I made only the cake. I will have tutorials on the felt fruit pieces up soon. 

The cake needs a template, I traced over a heart shape and drew on a piece of cardboard, and that shall be my base.

To make the body you need to trace over the cardboard to a piece of white and pink felt and cut out one heart shape each. They are going to be the top and the bottom of the cake.  

Cut a strip of pink felt that has the enough length to cover the heart shape, it is best to leave an extra of 1cm because you can always trim it off at the end. The height of the pink strip can be whatever length you want. Sew the white heart to the pink strip and the pink heart together, but leave a space to insert the filling. Then cut a wavy shape white strip and attach to the white heart and the pink body. 

That's what it looks like when you finish the above steps. I filled in the white strip pockets, you can skip this step if you want to.  
Place the heart shape cardboard into the cake to give it more support. 
This is the cake without the cardboard support, it is not flat and hard to place the fruit pieces on.  
So cut out another heart shape and put it on the top, now the surface looks smooth and clean. 
Insert the stuffings, and now sew off the edges. 
As said before, I left an extra 1cm to my body just incase if went wrong. However the came was sew perfectly and now I can trim it! :D
Sew off the end.
And now it's done! Ready for the toppings! 

I feel like this wasn't a well explained post, if you have any questions just comment below. I will try my best to help you. Any requests are welcome too~  

Have fun crafting!
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  1. Oh this came out so cute!!! What type of stitches are you using for this?