Rainbow Basket

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Monday, September 17, 2012
I have always wondering about this needle felting technique, but never got a chance to get my hands on it. After I bought a small kit from the store I got really addicted to this traditional craft. Not sure it if was the way you continuously stabbed the wool with your anger or the sound it made when you stabbed it that got into me. I am so obsessed with needle felting that I decided to buy nearly 1kg of wool and dye my own colours.

I love the rainbow colours! This basket was given to me on my birthday and I kept my friend's design logo up there, it made it even more special.

I even made some of my favourite pastel colours, they just look so sweet and soft. Even though my processes of dying these wasn't as smooth as I thought but there are always a chance to improve. I was really hoping that the shape of the wool sliver would come out as smooth as the original form, instead it was really messy and fibers flying everywhere! I will just have to keep trying.
4 comments on "Rainbow Basket "
  1. how did you dye your wool felt? Their colors are so gorgeous!!!!!

    1. thank you! sorry for the late reply, i learnt it from youtube. Just search 'wool dyeing' and it will have a lot of videos. I used the microwave technique. It just includes simple ingredients like vinegar and food colouring.

  2. The colors are so pretty!!! How did you make the colors so pastel?