I "Felt" Cute ~The cutest needle felting~

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Sunday, March 10, 2013
Felting is one of the oldest fibre crafts, it is a process to create an object made with wool fibres  There are two types- one is dry (needle) felting and the other one is wet felting. This video shows the creations I made with dry felting, this process uses a special barbed needle to create friction between the fibres when you use the needle to poke them up and down. This allows the fibres to tangle together and creates a volume. There is no rule to needle felting, however safety is very important and always watch what you are doing.

I used a pun on the word 'felt' for the title of the video, it's both a none and a verb at the same time. I really enjoy felting, It makes me feel relaxed and concentrated, but sometimes I do get very tired when poking them for a long time ^_^!
I love to make these cute stuff!
Felted food inspired by Rio Fukuda! Love her books and creations. 
These are the ones I am working on. 
So here a video of my collection, enjoy!

Happy crafting, more cute needle felting projects coming soon!
5 comments on "I "Felt" Cute ~The cutest needle felting~"
  1. Wow!
    Great stuff and a great blog;)
    Maybe a tutorial on the snip of strawberries?
    Greetings and welcome http://www.swiatmegi.blogspot.com/

  2. Can u make a needle felting tutoriol on a cat named pusheen??i love that cat but i am completely clueless on how to make it....help pls!!!

  3. Cutest video! ^^ It's nice to see them all individually.
    Everytime I see your blog posts it makes me want to try needle felting! Hehe.
    Hmm those works in progress.. the white one I'm guessing is hello Kitty and the yellow one, no idea xD Maybe a chick for Easter, or Kiiroitori?

  4. Any chance you could do a video on how to make the toadstool?? Your work is gorgeous!

    1. thanks, i made one already : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GRl8urBK4c