How to make fruit pieces from clay

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Sunday, January 20, 2013
This is my second tutorial for my Sweets Deco Series, the reason I made this tutorial because I personally like to decorate with them and it is not that hard to make. I want to share my experience to everyone so they can also make them instead of buying. When I first start making sweets deco, I aways want to make realistic fruits, but it is not easy to find the 'how'. After searching on the internet and research on other artists's creation I finally figured out the way to make it. It is easier than you think, so please do give it a try! I hope this would help all the clay crafters out there, and hope you enjoy this tutorial!

I used homemade cold porcelain clay, and coloured them with acrylic paint. I make lots of fruits at a time and let them sit on a foam board to air dry for one day. These are not big objects so it dries fast however it also depends on the humidity of the area you are in. 
These are the blueberries I made after filming the video because I had left over clay. The photo doesn't look nice to me because of the red stain on the toothpick left by the strawberries. =^=

So here is the tutorial, enjoy!

Happy crafting!

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